Invite A Friend

Church Family,

So many individuals are now using text messaging to communicate with family and friends. In fact one source states that 23 billion text messages are sent every day!

If you are one of those individuals, I want to encourage you to use text messaging to invite your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to our Friend Day on Sunday, October 8. (Which is coming up very quickly!)

First, text our Friend Day graphic to them.

(Click on the image and download it to your phone.)

Next, follow that up with a text invitation to Friend Day.

Use a simple message like this:

Trust you’re having a great day! I’d like to invite you to join me for Friend Day at my church, South Charlotte Baptist Church, on Sunday morning, October 8. Find more information here:

It’s that simple!

Then, just a few days before Friend Day, send them another text reminding them about your invitation!

Offer to pick them up and bring them to the service. Remind them that a free lunch will be served after the service.

Finally, pray!

Pray specifically that those you invited will come and that, if they are not saved, that they will be saved on that day!