September 29, 2017 – Urgent Prayer for Jerry Matson

We received the following email this morning from Mrs. Matson regarding her husband, Bro. Jerry Matson, whom we (SCBC) has supported for many years. He is a missionary to sailors in hte Norfolk, VA area:

Dear Praying Friends,

This will be short and to the point.  Jerry had surgery on his arm again today.  It continues to bleed and they can not find the source.  The prognosis for today was a possible discharge, but that changed drastically early this morning.  I arrived to find about 6 doctors in his room.  He had fluid in his left lung.  About one lit re was removed from it.  Then he had to wait all day for the surgery.  He is now in ICU.  They have given him two units of blood and are also giving him blood components, hoping this will promote clotting.  The doctors are clearly stumped, but have assured me they will be keeping a close eye on him.  Their suggestion was for me to come home and they would call me if I need to get back, so I will probably sleep in my clothes.  Jerry has been back and forth in a disoriented state all day, but has no trouble quoting Bible verses and telling those who are helping him that the blood of Jesus is what they need for forgiveness of sins.  He asked me to sing “Be Still My Soul” and “The Sands of Time are Sinking,” but when I started singing “Arise My soul, Arise” he joined in with energy!

Please pray the bleeding will stop!  They will definitely open his arm again tomorrow for they have to remove packing inside it.

I am a weary, concerned wife, whose only trust is in the Lord Jesus,

Please keep both Bro. Jerry and his wife, Janet, in prayer as they go through this trying physical time.

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