The “Backpack Ministry” is our opportunity to make a difference in the lives of local children.   Through the “Backpack Ministry” we are able to provide food to children who may go hungry over the weekend for a variety of reasons.  Each week we fill 20 backpacks with a small amount of food.  These backpacks are then distributed to deserving children who attend the Pineville Elementary School.

The following list are the items that we are in constant need of due to the fact that this is a weekly ministry during the school year. Click on the items below to see examples of what is needed:

Juice Box

Box of Mac & Cheese

Individual Pudding Cup

Fruit Cup

Rice Krispie Treat

Pack of Cheese Crackers

Cup of Applesauce

Pop Tarts

Packet of Instant Oatmeal

Individual box of cereal

Can of Ravioli

Carton of “shelf-stable” milk

Some have found it easier to purchase larger quantities of these items through websites such as and have the items shipped directly to the church.  Others are able to find purchase the “store varieties” of these items at an inexpensive price at such stores as Aldis and Wal-Mart.

Donated items may be placed at the SCBC “Welcome Center” or the SCBA school office at any time.

There are several ways in which you could participate in this ministry:

  1. Give a cash donation that can be used to purchase the necessary food items each week.
  2. Actually purchase some of the needed food items.
  3. Be a “Fast Responder.” (An individual that can be called upon at the last moment to donate items that we may find ourselves short on.)
  4. Pray that through this ministry we would be able to share the Gospel with the children and their families.  Although we desire to help with these physical needs, we more importantly want to help meet their spiritual needs.

If you would like to learn of other ways in which you could help with this ministry, please contact us!