Lasik Eye Surgery

Pretty intense picture, huh?!?

I know that some of you have a difficult time even considering having Lasik Eye surgery. Just the thought of anything coming near to touching your eyes, no matter how painless, is enough to make some of you pass out!

I appreciate all of the prayers regarding my recent Lasik eye surgery. I wanted to give you an update as to how I am recovering from the surgery which I had this past Thursday afternoon.

Thursday – The surgery went very well. It was quick and literally painless. The worst part of the process was the number of eye drops that they put into my eyes before and during the surgery. After the surgery I went home and went to sleep. I did not wake up until Friday morning. I literally slept for 14 straight hours! Because the laser surgery creates an open wound on the surface of your eye, the best way for your eyes to recover is to keep them closed as much as possible. (They also put a clear contact lens on each eye which act as a band aid.) Aside from my vision being blurry, I really didn’t feel any pain or discomfort after the surgery.

Friday – On Friday morning, I had to go back to the Lasik surgeon simply so that he could check to make sure everything looked good! After examining by eyes, the surgeon said that everything seemed to be healing nicely. He said that the cells on the surface of the eye had begun to grow back covering “the wound.” I was told that the first few days after surgery would be the most uncomfortable, however, even on Friday I did not notice any pain or discomfort.

Note: I have a regiment of eye drops and medicine that I have been taking/administering on a constant basis. I will continue with the medicinal eye drops for the next week. I will continue with OTC eye drops for the next several months simply to promote a healthy environment for my eyes.

Saturday – I was told that my eye sight would fluctuate during the first few days after surgery and then would gradually get better over the next several months. “Full recovery” usually takes at least six months! So far (It’s only mid-morning on Saturday) my eyes have been the most uncomfortable today. They have been itchy and watery more than they were yesterday. I will visit an actual eye doctor on Monday as part of the usual post-operative recovery simply to make sure that everything is healing properly. The eye doctor will take off the contact lenses some time this coming week. I have not yet been cleared to drive. I appreciate my wife and daughter who have chauffeured  me around. (I also must thank Mr. Litchfield who drove me home after surgery.)

I plan to be in church on Sunday and teach my Sunday school class and lead the choir in the AM service. Mr Rideout and Mr. Myers, though, will be preaching in the services for me. I appreciate their willingness to “fill the pulpit” for me.

Thank you for your prayer. They are very much appreciated!

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