Emergency Surgery on Sunday (Matson Update & Request for Prayer)

I just received the following email from Mrs. Janet Matson in regards to Bro. Matson’s health:

Dear Praying Friends,

Another medical update from Janet, about Jerry!  As I wrote in the last email, he had trouble after the angiogram on the 15th of September, and had to be kept overnight at the hospital for observation.  Well, although he came home the next day, his arm went from bad to worse.  I called the doctor’s office and was told it was normal for swelling and bruising.  It would go away!  It did not, but only got worse!  By Saturday night about midnight, his whole arm was black, purple, red and turning green!  The pain was excruciating.  Of course we love to call 911 on a Saturday night and join the gunshot crowd in the ED (emergency dept.), but knew we had to do so.  I also knew that I could not drive this time.  My nerves were too shaky, so I hitched a ride on the ambulance.  After hours of waiting, but not in the waiting room thank the Lord, but a private ED room, and after seeing several doctors, having his arm wrapped – only to have it almost immediately unwrapped for an ultrasound, we got the news that he was being admitted and transported to a room upstairs.  I followed the gurney, but the elevator door closed before I could get in, so the attendant just yelled “Go to room 1414!”  Now friends, it was 5:00 am and I was the only one standing there in a huge hospital.  What is an old lady with osteoporosis to do but cry?  Then along came what I think was a doctor (hard to tell these days) who spoke with an accent and led me through a maze of hallways and doors, pointed the way and said a nurse would help me.  Where was a nurse?  All I saw were walls, doors, and oh, besides he said I could not get to floor 4 without going to floor 5 first, then back down.  This gigantic hospital, which has been added to numerous times, is now building another big addition, compounding the feeling of lost ness!  I rounded a corner to find a comfortably round black lady – an angel – who took one look at me and put her arms around me!!!  When I told her where I needed to go, she said “Oh, that is a long way, but I will take you there.”  So with her arm around me the whole way, and with the blessing of the Lord, she delivered me right to the very hallway I needed!!! There was the attendant waiting with a chuckle.  I really couldn’t be angry, for I had been brought by an “angel.”  Jerry was wide eyed and glad to see me!  After getting him settled in, I asked if he could have breakfast.  Yes, no restrictions.  But they were discontinuing his blood thinner (Eliquis) which was the main cause of all this.  He was in such pain that he didn’t eat much, not even with my coaxing.  By that time I finally awakened daughter Miriam, (Missy) who I didn’t think needed to be called from a night’s sleep too.  The next thing I knew, two ladies appeared with a gurney ready to take Jerry to surgery!  But he ate some food!  But he still had blood thinner in his body!  What is going on? Evidently the ultrasound report convinced the doctors that the risk of bleeding, or aspiration, was less than the risk of losing his arm.  He was considered a “code 2,” whatever that means.  Missy was on her way, but a delay then came.  It seems they decided to give him some specially ordered medication that would counteract the blood thinner.  By that time, daughter Jeanine had arrived.  We followed his gurney down some long hallways, which were like a ghost town on Sunday when no surgeries are scheduled.  With Missy as my medical  helper (NP) all the right questions were asked, and we were led to the waiting room with no people in it.  Not long after, daughter Marci came and 4 granddaughters too. About 4:00 pm we finally got word.  They had opened up his arm, removed hematomas and “washed” it out.  When we got to see him, he was very full of words.  With a total of 3 daughters, 5 granddaughters and a daughter-in-law who had come too in the room, he was overcome with emotion that they were all there for him.  He expressed his love to each one, sang, quoted verses and told of how much they meant to him, and we were all awash in a sea of tears!!!  After lots of hugs and everyone left, he wanted to talk to our California son to express his love to him, and Jay had to hang up in tears too!  He prayed for the other two sons who were not available at the time, and kept telling me he loved me a “thousand million times.”

Today Jerry is in a lot of pain.  We don’t know how long he may have to stay there.  A hospital is his very least favorite place!  They may have to open up the incision for another wash out. I am running on fumes, and the tank of that is almost empty.  But an envelope was just opened and I pulled out this verse.  “For our light affliction, which is but a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory:” II Corinthians 4:17. It must be that that the Lord sent that verse to me today as I have come home from the hospital for a couple hours.  By the way, the previous verse just happens to say “For the which cause we faint not…”.

Thank you for bearing with me, and forgive my drama.  Please keep praying for my sweetheart.  Before the ambulance came he said “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  My desire is that he live yet for Christ!

Even the fumes of His grace are sufficient,
Janet Matson

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